Why Book With Us?


We have no doubt that you’ve worked heaps hard to get this far. You’re planning an epic adventure, and for that we high five you big time. We know that’s no easy feat! So now you’re looking to spend your hard earned cash and, with a whole heap of companies out there bartering for your business, it’s not an easy choice deciding where to book and who to trust. With that in mind, we thought we’d let you make an informed decision and show you why you’re in safe hands booking through the Epic Gap Year team.


Why We Created Epic Gap Year

As avid travellers ourselves, we believe that a gap year shouldn’t just be a break from your everyday life. It should add something to it and open up new careers and opportunities. Everyone on the Epic Gap Year team has done just that — they’ve used their time productively and ultimately reaped the rewards of living the dream — whether it’s like Chris, surf coaching in South America, or like Josh, freelance designing in Australia. We’ve all turned our backs on the 9-5 grind and chased our dreams, topped up our tans and had an amazing time along the way. We’ve loved it so much that we created Epic Gap Year to help you do the same!



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Built By Travellers, For Travellers

We don’t believe in tours or constraining packages here. They’re for people who want to sit back and be told what to do. Instead, we’ve hand-sourced and created a select variety of experiences. And that’s just what you’ll get: an epic experience. Not some binge drinking, fast-paced trip but something that will build you as a person and help you indulge a passion, learn something new or open up a new career path. All of our experiences are things we’ve either been involved with as staff or used as part of our own adventures. For us, that’s the highest seal of approval: we can personally recommend them! This also means that when you’re deciding what you want to do, we’re more than happy to answer any questions you might have. We know everything inside and out! We also know how difficult it can be to plan and save. That’s why pretty much all our experiences can be booked with just a deposit, allowing you to secure your dates without having to dip into your travel savings heaps!



Knowledge Of The Industry

All of our team have extensive knowledge of the travel industry, both as workers and consumers. As a result, we know what travellers want and need, and we know the right people who can provide it for them. We’ve personally sourced everything for Epic Gap Year to create the ideal experience for you guys. We’re all still travelling the globe, trying new things and sourcing more great experiences to offer our fellow nomads and help them live the dream! Our hand-selected team of blog ambassadors are also helping us to expand and offer new experiences. Not only does that mean we can easily relate to our customers, but it also means we work closely with our suppliers, and we’ve even teamed up with them to help put together new packages such as the 6 week surf programme in Ecuador.





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A Real Passion For Travel

When you speak to any of the team here at Epic Gap Year, you’re not just chatting to some corporate office monkey who has been progammed to sell you everything they can. You’re talking to travellers. Hell, we don’t even have a real office! We’re too busy exploring the world ourselves to stay tied to a desk. We could be replying from the beaches of Indonesia or somewhere up the East Coast of Australia. And that’s because we have a real passion for travel and a real passion for all the experiences we offer. It’s part of the reason we offer our gap year planning service at such a bargain price. Helping people hit the road and enjoy life in the backpacker bubble is something we love to do. Knowing that person will go and have the time of their lives is the best job satisfaction we could hope for!


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