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Out of all the amazing sports the Epic Gap Year Team enjoy, the art of Freediving is probably the most recent and certainly most challenging.

Freediving is the purest form of exploring the underwater world, training your body and mind to achieve depths and breath holds you’d never believe were possible. Whether you simply want a new challenge or want to gain skills to help yourself in other water sports such as surfing and SCUBA diving, our Freediving experiences will help you push your body and allow you to explore the ocean and interact with marine life in a whole new way.

We have a few Freediving experiences to choose from so if you want to give it a go, push your skills to the next level or turn it into a profession, our partners on Koh Tao, Thailand will help you achieve your goals.


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  • Free Diver Level 1 – get stuck into the world of Freediving with no need for any previous experience. Utilizing the classroom, pool and ocean, you’ll gain the skills needed to comfortably breath hold, equalise and dive up to 20 metres underwater


  • Free Diver Level 2 – If 20 metres isn’t enough for you or you want to build a better understanding of the sport and variety of techniques and skills, the Level 2 course will get you there. Dive up to 30 metres and learn the skills needed for thoracic stretches, allowing a more flexible chest and more comfortable, longer breath holds.


  • Free Diver Level 3 – If you’re hooked on the challenge, Level 3 takes yet another step up, allowing you to head down to 40 metres. Advanced techniques of inhale and exhale will build upon your existing Freediving skills and push your limits even more.


  • Master Freediver (also includes Level 3) – If you’ve got this on the brain, Freediving is your ultimate sport of choice and you want in bad! For Advanced Freedivers only (level 2 and above) this takes the step towards professional Freediving, giving you the skills needed to assist other divers. Not only that but it will add to your existing training, with even more advanced techniques, covering breathing, relaxation and lung stretches.


Not only are our Freediving partners of world class quality (both of whom hold national records), but they’re also stoked to help tailor your Freediving experience to an existing sport, with specialist exercises and challenges for sports like Surfing and Spear Fishing.

“Learning to freedive has given me a new found confidence in the ocean and a great new sport to enjoy”
Katja, Switzerland

Of course you get to enjoy Koh Tao itself, an island on the East coast of Thailand, surrounded by epic dive sites, from wrecks and deep dives to vast coral gardens with heaps of marine life to match. You might even be lucky enough to share the water with the Whale Sharks often spotted there.

It’s a dive island by nature (why not check out our SCUBA courses too?), so it’s ocean by day and sunset beach beers in the evening. There really is no better place to kick back and enjoy an epic experience.

So if you’re looking for a full on challenge, confidence in the ocean or simply a pure and unique way to explore the underwater world, you will love Freediving on Koh Tao.


Koh Tao not for you? We also offer free diving courses in Gili T, Indonesia and free diving courses in Iceland.


free diving koh tao thailand






free dive courses thailand asia



  • Learn to comfortably and safely perform longer breath holds
  • Understand the science behind the sport
  • Enjoy the warm, tropical waters of Thailand


  • Classes from world class Freedivers
  • Globally recognized qualification
  • Opportunity to build on your existing skills and advance a level…or two…or three!
  • Variety of dive sites and challenges


  • Accommodation throughout – 6 bed dorm (upgrades available)
  • All equipment (and a 10% discount if you wish to buy your own)
  • Course materials
  • Full SSI qualification



Koh Tao, Thailand

Length and Cost

  • Freediver Level 1 – 2 days – £110 
  • Freediver Level 2 – 3 days – £140
  • Freediver Level 3 – 4 days – £235 
  • Master Freediver (inc Level 3) – 4 weeks – £499
  • Secure your place with just a 10% deposit







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