Our Team


Behind Epic Gap Year is a team of intrepid travellers, designers, photographers and general nomadic creatives who have all pulled together their love for life on the road, drive for customer service and business knowledge to personally bring you all the experiences we offer. You won’t find us in suits and ties and the only board meetings we have is paddling out back for some waves! So we thought we would put some names to some faces you’ll be chatting with throughout your Epic Gap Year Experience…  

chris Stevens Epic Gap Year travel blogger

CHRIS – Founder & Digital Nomad

Chris has been on the road since 2009, covering over 20+ countries and heaps of adventures. A surfer, photographer, freediver and traveller, he’s also the guy behind travel blog BackpackerBanter.com

josh stevens graphic design epic gap year travel team

JOSH – Graphic Designer

Currently surfing and living in New Zealand, our Typography obsessed Designer is always helping tweak the site, build our info packs and making sure everything looks nice whilst working properly!

gijs pieters epic gap year team-2

GIJS – Logistics Manager

With a degree in Tourism Management, our bearded Dutchman keeps things running smoothly with his love of spreadsheets and admin! When he’s not busy working, you’ll find him in the waves or under a kite.  

alan epic gap year brand ambassador travel backpacker

ALAN – Legend/Brand Ambassador

This dread headed fellow from the UK is one of the most awesome people you’ll ever meet on the road so we’re stoked to have him on board as a brand ambassador. If you ever cross paths make sure you go say hi!

stephen schreck travel blogger epic gap year

STEPHEN – Travel Guru 

Stephen saved over $27,000 in 2 years, left the US and has been on the road ever since, so it’s safe to say he knows how to get you where you want to be! A diving convert, he also blogs over at A Backpackers Tale.


claire bowman epic gap year team travel proof reading

CLAIRE – Proofreading Genius 

Claire is an editor and aspiring writer, which means she’s a dab hand at proofreading. Basically, she corrects all our spelling mistakes and terrible grammar! Originally from Aus, she’s now living and working in London.