Our Mission


Here at Epic Gap Year, we share a huge passion for travel. All of our team have spent years on the road, discovering new places, meeting new faces and realising that life on the road is the way forward.

We’ve discovered secluded beaches, eaten amazing food and generally had the time of our lives. We’ve also been fortunate enough to make it into a full time career, whether that’s being a Dive Master in Thailand, surf coaching in Morocco, working as a freelance graphic designer in Australia or even as a professional blogger.

We want to help you do the same, and that’s why we created the site.

Simply put, we’re not selling you a product. We want to sell you a lifestyle and provide a service for those wanting to make a positive change to their life and embrace travel.


To do that we have a simple 3 step mission statement:


epic gap year travel inspiration


epic gap year travel agency backpacker connect experiences


epic gap year travel agency deliver customer service



1) We want to INSPIRE you to travel and undertake a new challenge, be this through our blog, our blog ambassadors or simply some of the images on the site.

2) Next we want to CONNECT you with an experience that suits your needs and passion, be that surf, dive, snow or adventure.

3) Finally, we aim to DELIVER a high level of customer service throughout your entire journey, and pre- and post-travel.

We also know how difficult it can be to plan and save. That’s why pretty much all our experiences can be booked with just a deposit, allowing you to secure your dates without having to dip into your travel savings heaps!

As the saying goes, “every journey begins with a single step”. Join our team in taking that step. You’re in safe hands.

We will go out of our way to get your there because travel shouldn’t just be amazing… it should be EPIC!



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