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We’re here to help you ditch the 9-5 grind and go live the dream! If you want to indulge a passion, learn something new or open up a new career path, we’ve travelled the world to bring you some epic travel experiences.

Whether it’s surf, dive, snow or adventures, we’re here to help you make the most of life.

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Popular Experiences


Surf Instructor Course, South Africa

10 weeks of surf, sun and adventure in Africa to get you sorted for a life of teaching in the surf.


Learn Spanish In Ecuador

If learning a new language and exploring South America are both on your to-do-list, then then look no further.


Similan Islands Scuba Dive Liveaboards, Thailand

Hit some of Thailands best scuba sites on these 3-5 day dive live-aboards.


Scuba Dive Courses - Koh Tao, Thailand

Postcard perfect island meets warm water and beautiful diving. Need we say more?!


4&8 Week Surf Improver Course, Australia

Want to learn to surf like a true Aussie beach bum?! These 4 & 8 week surf camps will sort you right out.


Great Barrier Reef Scuba Dive Liveaboard, Australia

Enjoy the iconic Great Barrier Reef on a 1 or 2 night scuba dive live-aboard.


Snowboard Instructor Course, New Zealand

If carving crisp white powder is your thing, then head to Queesntown, NZ, to open up a new career path!


Free Diving - Koh Tao, Thailand

Want an epic challenge? Nothing beats the thrill of going up to 40 metres underwater on a single breath!


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surf instructor course morocco


Adam - 19, UK

“Not only was I stoked with the experience itself but the Epic Gap Year team were super helpful with answering all my questions before I booked, they really helped me overcome my pre-travel nerves and pick a course that was perfect for me.”







All the team at Epic Gap Year are travellers themselves. We’ve spent years bouncing around the globe, working various jobs and generally living the dream. We know first-hand the trials and tribulations of hitting the road, and the mixture of excitement and nerves. We built Epic Gap Year to help pass on our knowledge and passion and to connect fellow travellers with experiences we know they’ll never forget, because we’ve experienced them ourselves!

We also know how difficult it can be to plan and save. That’s why pretty much all of our experiences can be booked with just a deposit, allowing you to secure your dates without having to dip into your travel savings heaps!

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indulge a passion backpacker gap year

1. Indulge A Passion

No matter what your vice. Surf, dive, snow or adventure, we’ll help you indulge yourself and fill your travels with what makes you happiest. That’s what travel is for!


learn something new backpacker gap year

2. Learn Something New

Everyone likes to experience something new. We’ve got plenty of new activities for you to get stuck into and discover. Widen your world and gain something for your CV.


new career travel industry gap year instructor course

3. Open Up A New Career

No one wants to work in an office. But what if your office were the beach, a mountain or the ocean? Surf Coach, Dive Master, Snowboard Instructor? Take your pick!